Our city is a beautiful, welcoming place and it’s up to our elected officials to make sure we’re using our space and growing our city wisely. Jody understands the community character of Cardiff/Encinitas. She will work to protect our community’s quality of life through her priorities which include:

  • Intelligent, forward-thinking land use
  • Protecting open space and recreation
  • Transportation
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Transparency

Currently serving as a Planning Commissioner, Jody knows first-hand how land use decisions affect the future of our community. Land use and circulation must work together to be successful.

Jody will work to keep the streets of Encinitas safe - literally. Whether you walk, bike, or drive, city streets should serve everyone. As a member of the Coastal Mobility and Livability Working Group (CMLWG) for the past 2 years, Jody participated in the completion of the Rail Corridor Vision Study and Active Transportation Plan draft for Encinitas to accomplish just that.

Jody’s Vision for Encinitas

As we make traffic circulation improvements and address housing issues, it’s vital that we stay true to the spirit and character of our community, preserving our beaches and parks.

Jody is committed to fiscal responsibility. As a retired CPA she’s sensitive to the fact that tax dollars are your money. As a member of the City Council, using public monies responsibly is not negotiable.

Transparency is also absolutely vital. When Jody is elected to the City Council, she will continue to push for openness and honesty in all dealings with the public. The City Council is here to serve citizens and you should always have access to information concerning your future.

Together we can address the city’s most pressing issues without sacrificing the integrity and character of our community. As a member of the City Council, that’s exactly what Jody Hubbard is prepared to do.

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from Jody Hubbard, candidate for Encinitas City Council, District 3