We did it!

We did it!  As of Nov 8th, the vote tally reflected a 53.17%  lead so I believe it is safe to say “WE WON”! The certified result is still days away with 465,000 ballots still to be counted in San Diego County. My opponent, Mark Muir has conceded. I appreciate the 7 years that he participated on the city council.

Left to right: Jody Hubbard, Mayor Catherine Blakespear, City Councilmembers Tasha Boerner Horvath and Joe Mosca.

The past 5 months campaigning was been quite an experience, a roller coaster ride with some lows and many highs. A highlight for me was meeting so many of you in the community while walking the streets. I learned very quickly that you cannot be a viable candidate without a village behind you. You were my village.

The swearing in ceremony will be at City Hall at 6pm on Tuesday, December 11th. I invite you all to come and share in our success!

I am honored to be elected as your District 3, Encinitas city council member.

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