Yard signs on sale and FREE with delivery 😉

While walking and knocking in the Cardiff Walking District I met an amazing 93-year-old. Knocked on her door, introduced myself and shook her hand.

She proceeded to tell me that she was already voting for me. She then smiled and told me I was the first politician whose hand she had ever shaken. We chatted a bit longer and I then asked her if she would like a yard sign. She thought about it for a moment and said: “well, maybe it’s time for another first, sure let’s put up a yard sign”.

Are you ready for your first yard sign? I authorize my signs on private property, only. I need your help to spread the word … that I am the better fit for District 3. Nov. 6th is approaching quickly and signs popping up tell your neighbors I am the winning candidate. Folks like to vote for a winner.

My interview with the Encinitas Advocate was printed this week. Click here to read.

jody hubbard for encinitas city council

My campaign assistant – Mona Angel and SDSU student canvassers Jessica Kann and Brandon Ta. We took a coffee break at Zumbar waiting for the rain to subside. I cannot say enough good things about my team of 8 student canvassers. A special thanks to Mona Angel for all her hard work in coordinating the effort every week.

We will be waving signs this coming Tuesday and Friday morning. Please email back if you would you like to join us or want your very own JODY yard sign.

Thank you for your ongoing support, I believe victory is close at hand.

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